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The Industry Startup Forum, which will take place from June 8 to 10, looks for startups with the most disruptive solutions in industry 4.0

Those selected from among all the candidates will have the opportunity to pitch in front of investors, Corporate Ventures and leading industrial firms


Barcelona, ​​March 3rd, 2021 - The emergence of Industry 4.0 has highlighted the need for the manufacturing sector to adapt to new technologies. In addition, the health crisis experienced in 2020 has added the challenge of relocating our production ecosystem. But it is necessary to embrace automation and digitization as tools to reduce the risks associated with relocation, while achieving more efficient production and improving the competitiveness of our industry. Faced with this situation, many innovations arise from startups and entrepreneurs who have disruptive solutions to transform the industrial sector. For this reason, Advanced Factories will hold the Industry Startup Forum to promote technology transfer between startups and industrial companies.

In recent years, the needs of the industrial sector have increased with the development of connectivity, digital transformation and the rise of Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence, data analytics systems and IIoT tools, which has favoured the appearance of new business models and new emerging technology-based companies that are providing new solutions to the sector.

Advanced Factories offers startups, which by their nature are innovative and disruptive projects, the opportunity to get in touch with SMEs and industrial companies that have the financial muscle and commercial capacity, but often lack precisely the innovation that these startups provide. With the Industry Startup Forum, startups can make themselves known to leading industrial corporations that seek to expand their R&D through these entrepreneurs and thus respond to new needs or expand their solutions in the market.

In this context, the Industry Startup Forum, co-organized by La Salle Technova, will bring together in Barcelona the business leaders of the sector, potential partners and entrepreneurs so that they can establish synergies and develop the most disruptive projects applied to the factory of the future. “In the maelstrom of this technological revolution, startups, thanks to their ease of innovating and adapting to constant change, are positioned as the solution for the industrial sector to transform it. However, making yourself known is not always easy. For this reason, in Advanced Factories we want to facilitate synergies and technology transfer between emerging companies and large corporations that allow the industrial sector of our country to be more competitive”, says Albert Planas, director of Advanced Factories.

Startups, entrepreneurs or technology centres with solutions based on technologies such as additive manufacturing, data analytics, IoT, robotics, or automation, among others, interested in participating can present their project until April 12 through the following  link. Those selected from among all the candidates will have the opportunity to make a pitch on June 9 at the Industry Startup Forum and take advantage of the three days of Advanced Factories to weave alliances. 

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