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In the light of increasing demand for industry-specific IT services, EVRY has decided to establish a separate industry vertical for the Oil & Gas industry. EVRY Oil & Gas will be headed by Nina Amdal Fiskaaen, and the new vertical will involve over 500 employees with unique technology expertise and industry knowledge. Nina Amdal Fiskaaen joined EVRY from Schlumberger in Stavanger where she held several senior management positions, most recently with responsibility for Global Operations.

New finds on the Norwegian continental shelf are driving increased activity in the Norwegian oil and gas industry. At the same time, the industry faces the challenges of a high cost base and shortages of qualified personnel.

"The Norwegian oil and gas industry has grown over many years. The industry now needs to reorganise and become more efficient in order to ensure that extraction can be carried out in an environmentally-friendly and more cost-effective way. In order to meet the challenges the future, the industry needs to implement and apply seamless interaction and communication solutions both within their own organisation and with others across the value chain. This will require user-friendly and mobile tools that simplify everyday working life. The solutions need to be supported by reliable 24/7 operations of business critical IT systems", explains Nina Amdal Fiskaaen, Vice President - Oil & Gas, EVRY,

Positioned for growth

EVRY Oil & Gas will be located in Stavanger, but will make use of specialist teams across EVRY's regional, national and international organisation. EVRY's mission is to support its customers in the oil and gas industry to help them realise their growth targets.

"By setting up a separate industry vertical for oil and gas, EVRY is strengthening its position as one of the leading IT and technology suppliers to the oil and gas industry. EVRY's ambition is to expand and develop its position in the oil and gas sector. We are working on conceptualising industry-specific solutions, with automation as one of the areas we are focusing on, in order to help the industry to free up capacity for more growth-oriented activities. This will ensure that we are well-positioned for continuing growth", explains Nina Amdal Fiskaaen.  

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