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For more than 27 years, MAY has maintained its leading position in the Russian hot beverage market and is one of the largest producers of packaged food products in the country.

Own production, a unique tea testers school, along with a team of highly skilled industry professionals allowed the company to become the second player in the tea market in Russia in terms of sales. The products of the company, chosen by millions of Russians, are represented by tea brands: Maysky, RICHARD, Lisma, CURTIS and coffee Coffesso.

The company today
MAY has a powerful distribution system that covers all regions of Russia. Through an extensive network of branches and representative offices, the company exports its products to more than 40 countries around the world. In order to remain a leader, MAY carefully examines consumer demand. The company has managed to create an optimal product portfolio, with an optimal mix of product range and product formats, which meet the needs of consumers in 95%. Today, MAY is the leader of NPD in the industry in Russia. It annually launches the largest number of new products (SKU). From 2017 to 2018, the company launched about 50 new SKUs in the market. Quality remains key factor for MAY business. The excellent quality of products and processes, from which the nationwide fame of the company’s brands began, remained unchanged, just like years ago, the company is chosen by millions.Over the years, the MAY has managed to win the trust of customers through a professional team, modern developments and high-quality products.It uses the most advanced packaging technologies from world leading manufacturers, including IMA - Italy, Teepack - Germany, Tsubakimoto - Japan. All production lines are automated and have a thorough quality control at several stages.Talented people are the most important value of the company. Today, MAY employs more than 1,700 highly qualified employees. The company constantly invests in its employees and helps them improve their professional skills.

New products, new capacities
In 2017-2018, MAY made significant investments in modern technology, staff development and production. The company develops together with consumers and pays great attention to the study of their preferences. Creating new products, it tries to anticipate the needs of the modern market. In 2018, MAY launched the new product Maysky Ivan-tea, which opened a new and very promising market category for the company - herbal teas. Maysky Ivan-tea meets modern trends and values of Russians: health and vigor, excellent appearance and family traditions. It consists of only natural ingredients: Vologda Ivan-tea of the highest quality, blends of selected black and green teas and aromatic herbs. The company highly appreciates the prospects of this product in the domestic market. The consumption of herbal teas in Russia is still several times less than in Europe or North America. But the trend of healthy nutrition combined with good taste is already forming. The company assumes that by 2025 the share of herbal teas in Russia will already correspond to 6-10% of the consumption of traditional tea. A weighty contribution to this growth is certainly belongs to Ivan-tea. It is not only tasty, but also provingly healthy drink. For example, the content of vitamin C in it is several times higher than in citrus fruits. The launch of this product involves the global expansion of existing production facilities and enterprises and the construction of a new large-scale industrial complex. In the spring of 2018, with the support of the Vologda Oblast Government, the company launched the construction of a modern tea factory - the country’s largest enterprise for the production of Ivan-tea in the Mezhdurechensky district of Vologda Region. MAY has established a production base for raw materials. In 2019, the company will launch processing and industrial production facilities for willow tea packaging. In 2017, about 600 tons of Ivan Tea were collected all over Russia. In 2020, the company plans to sell 1000 tons of it. Ivan Tea is a natural Russian product. In pre-revolutionary Russia, this was the second export item after oil. The company has an ambitious goal to regain the popularity of this healthy product both in Russia and in the world. MAY is glad to cooperate with the Vologda region, which sees serious prospects in the production of Ivan-tea. There is a good investment climate in the region, convenient Logistics and the interest of the authorities in joint cooperation. All this allows the company to count on success in project implementation. This year, MAY began developing another new product. The “premiere” of the new line of the famous tea brand will take place in 2019. CURTIS is known in Russia as a tea for those who like to pamper themselves with delicious fantasy flavors.A new product called CURTIS Feel Good is a line of functional teas with natural supplements and a complex of vitamins. It’s an innovative product for the mass market. The line was created for the fans of a healthy lifestyle, people who take care of their appearance, strive to improve their quality of life and remain active and energetic.The CURTIS Feel Good collection includes 4 functional teas: Immunity, Relax, Beauty, and Energy. Vitamin complexes were developed in Switzerland and tested in a European laboratory. However, the main advantage of the line is a great bright taste of tea. Feel Good tea blends were created in the laboratories of MAY by the leading expert testers of the country. When creating these tastes, the company conducted dozens of “blind” tastings and focused on the highest consumer ratings. The result is a unique product that combines taste and benefit. There were no analogs on the Russian tea market yet and the company is confident in its success.

Export to other countries
Until recently, the company supplied the Maysky brand tea mainly to the CIS markets. 4 years ago, it launched the new brand RICHARD and began to actively participate in international exhibitions. The company noticed that RICHARD is attracting the attention of foreign consumers. To date, there have been shipments of tea of this brand to the UK and Canada, and even in distant Brunei (Borneo), RICHARD tea is presented at the Duty Free at the airport. This brand is especially popular in the Chinese market. Today, the brands of tea and coffee produced by MAY are already represented in more than 40 countries around the world: in Europe, the USA, Canada, Japan, China, Iran, in all CIS countries. More than 85% of production is aimed at the Russian market. The company plans to increase production and by 2021 to export up to 25% of the volume. MAY expects that Ivan-tea will become one of the growth drivers.

Vision and further growth
In the near future, the company plans significant investments in production, access to new markets and personnel development.Among the most important key abilities of MAY, necessary for the implementation of corporate strategy are excellent talents at all levels. The ability of companies to win in market competition is largely determined by what employees work in them. Based on their commitment, competence and performance. The professional skills of employees, their desire to work with full dedication and actual results of activities are very important. Competent, inspired and productive employees can provide an abundance of talent, thanks to which MAY is successful now and will be successful in the future. Other key company skills are: a clear and well communicated strategy; a performance that constantly satisfies consumer expectations, a corporate culture of high results and excellent value, a structure that simplifies work inside and outside the company and the leadership of innovation in the industry. Corporate values determine the effective work of the company, unite the employees of MAY into a single whole and create a unique inspirational corporate culture of MAY. The company is proud of its employees and consumers, who trust the quality of products and choose it for many years.The company doesn’t stand still, it constantly changes, trying to anticipate the desires of consumers. MAY sees its corporate mission in creating superior value and plans to become the leader in the global hot beverage market.

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