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The strategic potential of ROSTOVSKY PRESSOVO-RASKROYNY ZAVOD, OOO is modernization and technologies used to manufacture the products, as well as modern equipment and employees who participate in the process of creating every detail in the entrusted sections. The plant is actively developing, using the world’s experience in building and optimizing business processes that meet world standards, with the involvement of the best consulting companies.

Russian leader in the industry
ROSTOVSKY PRESSOVO-RASKROYNY ZAVOD, OOO(RPRZ) is the largest plant in Russia, which supplies parts of cold sheet stamping and laser cutting to the conveyor of machine-building enterprises. The plant is located in Rostov-on-Don, the logistics center of the South of Russia. The history of the enterprise begins in 1929, when the first production was manufactured at the Rostselmash plant in Rostov-on-Don. Being part of Rostselmash, the plant carried out its tasks, producing stamped parts for harvesters and other agricultural machinery.The history of RPRZ as an independent enterprise began in 2005, when the ROSTOVSKY PRESSOVO-RASKROYNY ZAVOD was separated from Rostselmash. As the enterprise is a high-tech plant, the most important moments for the company are the purchase of new equipment and modernization. The increase in the fleet of machines always leads to the expansion of the product line; new opportunities and new approaches to meeting the requirements of customers. Now the company has the asset of the 26 units of cutting equipment, 250 units of press equipment (including automatic lines, press for small, medium and large punching). In the flexible technology shop, there are 18 laser systems of the German company Trumpf, as well as 21 sheet bending presses. An important milestone in the development of the company was the beginning of cooperation with the automotive industry, when RPRZ mastered the production of parts for window lifters and seats for Renault, Lada, Volkswagen, Nissan and Ford.

Production technologies and main products
The company has a large fleet of equipment, which means that it has ample opportunities to produce parts of varying complexity and configuration.RPRZ provides laser cutting services for metal, cold sheet metal stamping and bending of metal to industrial enterprises in the fields of agricultural machinery, automotive industry, home appliances, and machine building. One of the main advantages of RPRZ is the availability of instrumental production and the long experience of instrumental production. Qualified personnel and carefully selected equipment allow to design and manufacture dies for cold sheet punching (maximum dimensions 4000х2100х1250 mm, weight up to 20 tons) in the shortest possible time with the quality of the European level. Concerning laser cutting the metal, RPRZ processes carbon steel up to 20 mm thick, stainless steel up to 12 mm. Cold stamping is one of the most advanced and perfect methods for manufacturing a variety of products. Thanks to the method of cold stamping, precision, speed and cheapness of manufactured products are achieved in the production.The largest fleet of laser equipment in Russia and Europe allows to meet the needs of all customers in a short time. Laser cutting of sheet metal is performed on modern high-performance equipment. ROSTOVSKY PRESSOVO-RASKROYNY ZAVOD provides a wide range of opportunities in the field of cold sheet metal stamping (small, medium, large stamping parts and products, deep drawing parts).Universal bending of parts is carried out on modern press brakes with CNC TruBend 5230 and TrumaBend V85S.Possibilities of the equipment allow to process metal from rolls with simultaneous unwinding, editing and sharp, both in longitudinal, and in a cross direction.The total capacity of the automatic cutting lines of coiled steel is more than 250,000 tons of steel per year. The details made at the plant are used in the production of combines, tractors, harvesting, trailed and other agricultural machinery; cars, washing machines, refrigerators and various kinds of equipment. As RPRZ produces parts according to the customer’s drawings, each product of the company is individual.

Strategic potential
RPRZ provides customers with the necessary production capacity, takes on all the work on manufacturing industrial batches of parts, their further processing and packaging. It is also possible to develop technical documentation.Business processes of RPRZ are adapted to interact with international companies operating in the automotive industry, while own transport company guarantees compliance with the schedule of deliveries.The plant supplies products to leading Russian and international enterprises of the automobile industry, agricultural machinery, manufacturers of household appliances. RPRZ is the only supplier of cutting metal to Rostselmash. RPRZ maintains partnerships with the largest metallurgical enterprises in Russia: PJSC MMK, PJSC Severstal, PJSC NLMK and guarantees direct deliveries, low prices and stable metal quality.

Mission and vision
ROSTOVSKY PRESSOVO-RASKROYNY ZAVOD always tries to gain the trust of customers through excellent work and the fulfillment of all requirements. The right goals, strategies and plans and perseverance in their implementation help to achieve success. RPRZ approved the Policy on Quality and Environmental Protection, which sets out the mission, purpose, strategy of the company and the principle of leadership.The mission of the company is to create products of high quality and consumer value, contributing to the effective and dynamic development of the customers’ business.Values of the company: Effective cooperation, Quality, Technology, Human Resources. RPRZ staff is a close-knit team with many years of experience in the field of agricultural machinery, knowledge and a deep understanding of modern business processes, energy and focus on results. ROSTOVSKY PRESSOVO-RASKROYNY ZAVOD is actively attracting young personnel from its region, as well as specialists from other regions. Much attention is paid to the transfer of experience by employees of the older age group, especially among the production and support staff - the procedures of mentoring and internal training have been successfully implemented. The process of constant development of all personnel groups is a priority task of the Company’s personnel policy. At the moment, RPRZ employs more than 1,400 people.

Rewards and achievements
The regular stage in the activity of any developing enterprise is the development and implementation of a quality management system. The plant has certified QMS for compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015, the automotive industry standard ISO TS 16949: 2009, the environmental standard ISO 14001: 2015. ROSTOVSKY PRESSOVO-RASKROYNY ZAVOD is proud of the “Best Supplier” awards received from customers and its status of A category supplier (a category that includes the most reliable suppliers, companies that meet the strictest qualifying requirements).For RPRZ, awards primarily mean customer confidence and understanding of the fact that the business of customers is being developed through the work of the plant. The company is proud that the result of its work can be seen in many spheres of life:80% of the grain in Russia is harvested by Rostselmash harvesters made from stamped parts and RPRZ cutting pieces; more than 16% of cars sold in Russia use stamped parts of RPRZ.

New products and investments
Currently, the project for the purchase of a stationary 3D measuring and control machine is in the final stage of implementation. ROSTOVSKY PRESSOVO-RASKROYNY ZAVOD puts it into operation in late May 2018. Also, investments are planned in the purchase of a press of clear cuttings and precision press with an automatic line. This equipment is necessary for the implementation of new projects with new customers and the company is ready to invest in the development of its production and technology. The company works in the market of production services and does not produce any particular product. Every detail produced on ROSTOVSKY PRESSOVO-RASKROYNY ZAVOD is individual and made for a specific customer. Accordingly, new products are the results of projects with new customers, as well as the expansion of the nomenclature for existing customers of the company.Since the company’s products are used in various industries, the expansion is directly related to the development of customers’ business. At present, ROSTOVSKY PRESSOVO-RASKROYNY ZAVOD is a supplier of the 2nd level to automobile plants. As part of the expansion to new markets, the company plans to enter the 1st level suppliers, which means working directly with automakers.In the near future the company plans the purchase of new equipment and modernization of existing; the development and training of the personnel, IATF 16949: 2016 certification and expansion of the range of manufactured parts.

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