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Computer Numerical Control machines or more popularly known as the CNC machines amplify the productivity and profitability of a business as they streamline the manufacturing process making them more efficient. These machines are expensive, so, buying used machines might be a wise decision to make based on your requirements. Reconditioned or used CNC machines can enhance your production line just as well as any new machines given that they are well-maintained and are bought from reliable sellers.

The three major areas in which you can benefit from buying used CNC machines are as follows:

1. Cost

Even used machines are a big investment for business. Hence, first, you need to identify the role of machine, the space available and what sort of tools will be required for manufacturing the desired products. A used machine will offer the same level of functionality and capability as that of a new one, but it will be more economical. However, before buying used CNC machine, do ensure that the machines are well-maintained and function perfectly. Buy only form a trustworthy CNC machine dealer.

2. Quality 

Even though new machine models work great, the used CNC machines will offer you an edge over the new ones in terms of the quality of function. Older or used models when reconditioned to top working order are a better choice for buyers as there has been plenty of time to identify significant problems, drawbacks and advantages, between the specific makes and models. If you partner with an experienced and qualified seller, you can be assured of buying machines which will work to the highest capacity even if they have been in use for a few years. Some of the important factors you may want to discus with the seller are – A) How many hours have been logged on the machine? B) What is the machine’s maintenance history? C) Does the machine have the ability to maintain your specific production timelines? D) Does it have the capabilities to handle the work pieces which you need to manufacture?

3. Maintenance

One of the important things to keep in mind while buying used CNC machine is knowing that there’s a big difference between selling a repaired machine and one that’s been reconditioned or retooled – quality. Consider the quality of function, longer running time and faster RPM maximums. Keep in touch with the dealers which can recondition an older model and bring it up to today’s standards. An added advantage of collaborating with such dealers would be that they will provide better service to your existing machines as well.

Now let’s look at a few things you need to keep in mind before purchasing a CNC machine:

• Don’t be afraid to ask questions to the seller. Every machine is different. Research might help, but to extract the best from your reconditioned CNC machine, you need to know what exactly you want from it and ensure that you understand its functioning thoroughly. For this, feel free to ask the seller any questions you may deem important regarding the machine.
• Ensure that the machine works flawlessly. Even though you may hire a qualified and an experienced technician to operate the machine, there are some problems which you will be easily able to catch on your own. You can save yourself a lot of trouble if you know about the common issues such as inadequate electronics or improper care ahead of time.
• Each CNC machine has its own challenges and advantages when it comes to coding. And the most common mistake even the most experienced machinists make while switching to CNC for the first time, is buying a model which is too complicated to operate. Buyers often simply go to the most trusted vendor and purchase a sturdy machine for good price, only to realize that the operation is too complicated for the facility’s requirement. This prevents the buyer from making the most of the machine’s capabilities. Hence, ensure that you have the programming figured out and have a suitable qualified technician to operate it.
• Last but not the least, know your requirements well. Only when you are well versed with your facility’s need, can you make an informed purchase. Simply buying a machine for the sake of it will either fail to fulfill your requirements because of underperformance or will be a misfit and won’t deliver at all. So understand what you exactly want the machine to do, and then buy accordingly.

These advantages and pointers are sure to help you make an informed decision while buying a reconditioned CNC machine. So go ahead, and see how a used machine can revolutionize your production line.

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Avi Patel is an engineer by heart and a digital marketer by trade and creates content on topics related to engineering, technology, marketing and trading. He has a passion for innovation and loves to share what he learns with his readers. When he's not working or writing, he can be found binge watching comedy shows.

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