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Be it due to new products, modified production and coating technologies or stricter regulatory requirements - almost all industrial sectors are confronted with more stringent particulate and film-type cleanliness specifications. Therefore, apart from cleaning equipments and systems for classical applications, turnkey solutions for the cleaning and sterile packaging of medical products as well as future-oriented services are the focus of Ecoclean's presence at this year's parts2clean trade show (hall 4, booth C26) from 11 - 13 October in Stuttgart (Germany).

When it comes to cleaning of production equipment for the semi-conductor industry such as components for the DUV and EUV technology, vacuum technology components for application in the UHV, XHV and UCV ranges, modules for high-performance laser systems, high-tech measuring and analysis devices as well as optical precision components and medical products, extremely high particulate and film-type chemical cleanliness requirements are to be met. The required specifications however vary depending on the part and field of application, but usually they cannot be achieved with classical cleaning systems. A continuously stable quality in production cannot be ensured in this way.
At this year's parts2clean Ecoclean presents its range of adapted system concepts for batch and single parts cleaning with aqueous media and environmentally compatible solvents, as well as matching high-purity equipment packages. The latter will be demonstrated on the example of the solvent cleaning system EcoCcompact.

Features adapted to high-end cleaning applications In order to meet the high requirements, these packages include system technology, fluid management and fluid reconditioning features specially adapted to high-end cleaning applications. Supplemented by special cleaning options such as Ultrasonics PLUS, Pulsated Pressure Cleaning (PPC), or Plasma Cleaning, Ecoclean's cleaning systems designed for ultra-fine cleaning ensure that stringent cleanliness specifications can be met reproducibly.
With their technical process features specially designed for high-purity applications, the multi-bath ultrasonic cleaning systems by UCM AG, the division of SBS Ecoclean Group specialized in precision and ultra-fine cleaning are really convincing as well.
Ecoclean also offers solutions for manufacturers of medical products who have to meet increasingly higher requirements and stricter regulatory specifications of FDA and MDR. Since the introduction of MDR the final cleaning and packaging are critical aspects of a product. Ecoclean presents turnkey solutions for final cleaning and sterile packaging of medical products such as implants and instruments. Depending on the application packaging is made with pre-validated material.
Another central topic at the Ecoclean booth will be forward-looking service solutions. Our experienced customer service staff at the 'customer service station' will inform you on the innovative service app and on topics like preventive maintenance, customized service concepts, process analysis and employee training as well as machine modernization and options to make cleaning processes more energy-efficient.
Ecoclean on the parts2clean in Stuttgart, Germany, hall 4, booth C26

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