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KLGS is a well-known producer and supplier of technical plastic details for customers in the following industries: electronics, electromechanical, energy, automotive, household appliances, as well as railway and construction.

The Interview is given by Mrs. Maria Gach - Business Development Director of KLGS Sp. z o.o.

Please tell us, what were the beginnings of KLGS and what were the most important moments in the history of its development?

The company was founded in 2011. Initially, the company was located in Myślenice, where the factory area was rented. Despite the difficult conditions resulting from the small amount of space, our company functioned efficiently developing dynamically year after year. Purchases of subsequent injection moulding machines, robots and dryers were made, while at the same time focusing on the development of injection technology - company employees often participated in training sessions and industry meetings and conferences. Thanks to the dynamic development in 2018, there was the thought of building our own factory, which was realized in January 2019, when official opening and start of production took place in the newly built factory in Pcim.

KLGS handles the entire design and production process of plastic parts. Can you tell us more about your offer, production technologies and the company’s production facilities?

The choice of material, the design of forming tools, the choice of processing technology and setting its parameters are inextricably linked phases of the production process. We provide our clients with help in all these phases, also at the stage of material selection, considering its required processing and functional properties. The main area of our activity is the production of technical plastic parts in one- or two-component (2K) injection technology. We are also specialists in the overmoulding of metal inserts and other types of inserts. We use modern technologies and processing machines (including electric injection moulding machines) that allow us to obtain precise, optical, thin and thick-walled details, obtaining foam core layers and others. We also offer low-pressure injection using RIM technology (Reactive injection moulding) or injection moulding of electronics in HM technology (hotmelt moulding). We inject thermoplastic construction plastics, coloured plastics, both unreinforced and reinforced with fiber, or modified with various functional additives. We process:

  • the most important engineering materials: ABS, ABS / PC, ASA, PMMA, PC, PA, POM, PET, PBT, PP, PE, PS, PPO
  • high temperature plastics: PEI, PPA, PPS, PSU
  • thermoplastic elastomers: TPU, TPS, EVA
  • bio-based and / or biodegradable plastics, e.g. PLA, bio-PA, bio-PET.

In addition to the production of individual injection mouldings, we also carry out manual or automated assembly and welding of components at specially prepared stations. We offer modern technologies of inseparable welding of product components: ultrasonic welding, vibration welding and laser welding. In addition, we offer decoration of mouldings using various decorating methods, depending on the required aesthetic and functional effects: decorating/labelling in the form, hot-stamping, modern technology of digital UV printing, multicolour pad printing, laser decoration and marking. The KLGS production hall is equipped with 26 modern injection moulding machines with a maximum closing force of 30 to 300 tons, including electric injection moulding machines and used for two-component injection moulding. These are machines from leading injection moulding machine manufacturers such as: Fanuc, Demag, Arburg. To ensure the best efficiency and quality of production, we use high-class machines and peripheral devices, including robots working with injection moulding machines, mould temperature control systems, gravimetric and volumetric dispensers as well as dryers, mills. The entire production process is subject to stringent quality control. We offer production of serial forms and prototype injection moulds for short series, allowing to check the correctness of the design solution in terms of construction and enabling the selection of the appropriate grade of plastic or correcting the design for the selected material.

KLGS is a partner for companies from many industries. Who do you particularly address your products to and what makes your offer stand out from the competition?

We manufacture and supply technical plastic details for customers in the following industries: electronics, electromechanical, energy, household appliances, railway, construction and automotive. First of all, we are distinguished by the fact that we offer our clients comprehensive project service. We carry out all stages of production, we offer help and advice. Thanks to this, the customer can be sure that supervision over individual stages of the project is in one - certain hands. In addition, we offer production of parts with very narrow dimensional and shape tolerances. We have experience in the production of difficult-to-process raw materials that require a special approach at the production stage. At the design stage, we offer support to our clients in the form of qualified engineers who provide advice and redesign the element in order to technologize it. We offer a very high level of customer service, where we strive to meet the individual needs of each customer in terms of frequency of deliveries, production batches, delivery of components to customers directly to the assembly line (so that the customer does not run a component warehouse). We offer short delivery times and try to be flexible to support our clients in more difficult situations related to the urgent demand for details. We carry out constant control and supervision over production costs, thanks to which customers can be certain that we are very competitive in terms of price. We follow technological innovations by offering hybrid injection and intelligent mouldings.

Your company is part of an international group of KL companies. All businesses are associated with the production of plastic construction products, but each of them is independent. Please tell me what is the most important in your business? What is the strategic potential of your company and the key to its success?

Our company’s strategic potential are employees who are very committed to their duties. We have qualified engineers in every key department in the company, from the design department, through the implementation, quality, logistics and production departments. We place great emphasis on the development of our employees’ professional competences and raising their qualifications by sending them to trainings and trips abroad and industry events. In addition, the company conducts continuous technological development.

The quality of the products and services offered is a priority for you, therefore you work only with reliable partners. Would you like to particularly distinguish any companies - your most important clients?

Our key foreign clients are: DRAEXLMAIER Group, ABB Group, GRAMMER AUTOMOTIVE, SMA Solar Technology AG, BIC.

What are the most important investments related to the company’s development over the past few years?

Definitely our most important and largest investment was the construction in 2018 and opened in 2019 our new factory in Pcim.

How do you assess the future of the industry in which the company operates, what are the company’s plans in this regard?

The development of the plastic processing industry by injection moulding is currently focused in three areas: increased demand for thermoplastic composites, the trend of replacing metals with plastics and replacement of petroleum plastics with bio derivatives - thanks to which the chemical decomposition of plastics can be dramatically shortened and contribute to the protection of our environment. Our company will continue to develop its skills in these areas by offering customers injection of details using the above materials.

Certificates and awards received confirm the high quality of the company’s operation and the services it offers. What certificates, awards and titles can you show off?

As a supplier of elements for the automotive industry - it was necessary to implement key processes in the company and pass demanding audits. To guarantee our clients high quality and reliability of our products, we have decided to introduce and use a management system, which is supported by the IATF 16949: 2016, ISO 9001: 2015 certificate and the implemented Quality Policy. We operate in accordance with the UL 746D standard, which requires material traceability at every stage of production, which is confirmed by the obtained Certificate of Conformity. We have implemented and controlled the Good Hygienic Practice (GHP) program confirmed by the decision of the Health and Safety Department, which states that the requirements for the production of plastic parts intended for contact with food are met. As for the awards, we have been repeatedly awarded various titles such as Business Gazelle or Forbes Diamond in Poland.

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